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Anthony Wile - Grupo Jaque Ltd.

Anthony Wile's Bio:

Anthony Wile (Tony Wile) is founder and president of Grupo Jaque Ltd., where he utilizes his diverse and extensive background as a business strategist and consultant, drawing from more than 20 years of financial and business experience working with growth-oriented companies in a variety of sectors.


In 1991, Anthony Wile graduated from Saint Mary’s University with a business degree.  Thereafter, Anthony worked in the Canadian investment industry, specifically with Scotia McLeod (Bank of Nova Scotia) and Nesbitt Burns (Bank of Montreal).  Anthony was made a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute in 1994, a designation given to financial services professionals who earn advanced education and experience in the Canadian securities industry.


Anthony went on to be a pioneer in the establishment of alternative media, in part, by creating two major websites that have promoted numerous highly regarded free-market thinkers, Free-Market News Network (FMNN) and The Daily Bell. In 2008, Anthony Wile founded and began publishing The Daily Bell, a leading alternative news website that publishes daily news analysis, editorials and exclusive interviews, where he served as chief editor until February 2016. Today, his commentary and articles are published in international publications including The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, the Toronto Sun, RT, the Weed Blog, Cannabis Now magazine and many others. 


In addition to his financial sector background, Anthony Wile has authored four books on free-market economics and investing. In 2003, he published his first book, The Liberation of Flockhead. He then wrote High Alert: The High Alert Way to Discover Winning and Profitable Investment Ideas, which brought together his sociopolitical insights with economic analysis. Anthony also edited The Best of Anthony Wile: Select Editorials and Exclusive Interviews and authored Financial Freedom, both in 2013The fourth edition of High Alert was published in early 2013 to strong reception.


While living and working in Switzerland, in 2009 Anthony established the Foundation for the Advancement of Free-Market Thinking (FAFMT). He served as FAFMT’s Executive Director until 2013.  

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business strategy, global cannabis industry, investing, free-market thinking, alternative media, alternative publishing

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